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07/04/2019 · Squirrel dogs will be quiet while trailing a squirrel, until they get the squirrel treed, at which point they may bark to call you over. Neither do good squirrel dogs range far from a hunter. Steven Schirmer of the Facebook group Squirrel Dog Hunters described it thusly: "To me a good squirrel dog hunts with you. Know how your dog reacts to a treed squirrel. Most tree dogs have a standard bark that says, ‘Hey I got him over here, when you have an extra moment, come and shoot him.’ But there are times when your dog will go berserk. This means the squirrel is on the move and potentially heading for a hole. I had my first squirrel dog, a mountain feist when I was 15. I'm now 57 and absolutely love the sport more everyday. I enjoy hunting with my family and friends, using my finished and started dogs. We often bag a few or even a lot of squirrels. As time goes on, I realize the enjoyment in training these pups to started or finished dogs.

Step Four: Set Up Practice Scenarios For Dogs With High Prey Drive. Like working with reactive dogs, dogs with high prey drive need a setup to successfully work on Look At That exercises. While you might be able to go to the local park to use squirrels, their fast movements and unpredictable behavior might send Konrad over the edge right away. Squirrels must avoid a variety of predators and dangers as they navigate the suburban and urban landscape. Cats, dogs, hawks, snakes, foxes and coyotes all prey on squirrels. Sometimes, the squirrels are injured in these encounters, losing some of their fur or skin in the process. 20/05/2012 · A stick, a ball, a rope with a knot tied on it, these are all tried and tested methods of entertaining and exercising dogs. But for some people, basic isn't always bestmeet Go-Go Dog Pals, remote controlled pet toys designed to be chased by dogs while the owner takes the more leisurely option of controlling it with a remote. Our squirrel dogs are descendants of Cadillac Jack, Grayson, and Buckley Mountain Feist breeding. The Mountain Feist dogs we produce are exclusively for use as squirrel hunting dogs or to serve as working dogs on farms or game dogsin other rural areas. 29/01/2011 · Somehow I missed this thread. But when I saw the title, I knew there'd be some classic responses. Thanks for not letting me down! And I too would like to know the breed of this awesome guard dog, that got whipped by the squirrel.

got its start as it grew out of the largest Mountain Feist dog group on Facebook of the same name in 2016. The Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs Group has been the largest and most respected Feist dog group on Facebook since its inception in 2013. 5 reviews of Squirrel!! "I can't say enough about Nancy and her people! We used Squirrel when we were in Tahoe in August and had an all-day event. Nancy and her support folks provided wonderful care to our dogs. I will use them again!". Dogs also have a large olfactory center in their brain where they can store all the information about smells they know. The scent of squirrel is probably high up there on the list of scents to remember. In some cases, long after the squirrel has disappeared, your dog will carry on the chase just because he still smells the scent of the squirrel.

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